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Our Approach

Our Approach

At Personal Financial Advisors, Inc., we believe we deliver the greatest value to our clients by managing all aspects of their financial lives using a tool called the Financial Roadmap©. This tool enables us to understand not only where you are today financially, but where you want to go in the future. Thus we are able to create a customized written financial plan based on the things most important to you, so you can have the life you want to live. Since we’ve been doing this since 1998, we have a good understanding of the goals people want to achieve, their financial concerns, how our services address peoples concern and help them reach their goals. Below is a summary of the most common goals and concerns along with the services we provide. The cost for our services can be found on our fees page.

Our Services

Our Services

  1. Comprehensive Financial Planning
  2. Retirement Planning Strategies
  3. Cash Flow Analysis
  4. College Funding Advice
  5. Debt Reduction/Elimination Plans
  6. Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Needs Analysis
  7. Income Tax Analysis
  8. Portfolio Analysis
Example Goals

Example Goals

  1. I want financial independence on March 11, 2049 and have $6,000 per month net income
  2. I want to buy a $300,000 house by April 1, 2024 and put 20% down
  3. I'd like to have a $5,000 per year travel account starting June 1, 2026
  4. I want to pay 100% of state college expenses for 4 years for each of my children and have the money saved by their 18th birthdays
  5. I want to contribute $10,000 per year to various charitable causes starting December 1, 2030
Your Concerns

Your Concerns

  1. Having enough money to retire at a reasonable age
  2. Paying for your children's college education
  3. Not having a budget, and living paycheck to paycheck
  4. Too much credit card debt
  5. Paying so much interest on your mortgage
  6. Always having a student loan payment
  7. Paying too much in taxes
  8. Not having enough money to enjoy life
  9. Not being able to financially contribute to causes important to me
  10. Not saving enough money now

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