In 1992, David Stone joined the Equitable to satisfy his desire to learn financial planning. However, the Equitable focused their business mostly on life insurance and annuity products. In 1993, David was given the opportunity to join a small financial planning firm in Pickerington, Ohio. He did not accept the position, as he did not see it as a good fit for him. About 6 months later, another financial planner in Pickerington, Ohio approached David about joining his company, as they had heard about David from the previous financial planner.

In 1994, after several discussions, David decided to leave the Equitable and join Comprehensive Planning Consultants as a Para planner. At the time, Comprehensive Planning Consultants had over 1,500 clients, which focused on selling 403B retirement products to teachers and hospital employees with a smattering of financial planning. In 1997, the owner of Comprehensive Planning Consultants passed away unexpectedly. Thus David made good on his promise to the owner to purchase the business from his widow if something should ever happen to him. In 1998, David re-opened the business as Personal Financial Advisors, Inc., and his wife Wendy joined the firm as the office manager. David left the business unchanged until 1999, when he was introduced to the concept of “Values Based Financial Planning”. This was a turning point in David’s career, as he embraced the concept of creating financial plans based on peoples’ values.

It was then David decided he did not want to have more than 150 clients.  Also, every client would have a financial plan based on their Financial Roadmap(R). David Stone obtained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (tm) certification in 2002.  David earned this certification after passing all the required tests in the various areas of financial planning including a comprehensive 2 day test in all the subject areas of financial planning. David transformed Personal Financial Advisors, Inc., from a commissioned based business to a fee only financial planning firm from the years 1999-2005. As a result of this metamorphosis, the number of clients of the firm went from over 1,500 to less than 30.

Having a high touch, comprehensive financial planning firm prompted David to hire Laura Wall in 2005 as an intern from the Ohio State University to help serve the clients appropriately. Upon her graduation with a degree in Family Resource Management, Laura joined Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. on a full time basis.

As a result of an expanding client base, David hired Darin Doty as a virtual client service associate in 2020.  Since our clients are our number one priority, David felt a new hire was necessary in order to maintain our high level of client service.  Darin is unique since his primary residence is in Delray Beach Florida, and has a vacation home in Mexico.  Thus all of the work he does for us will be done virtually.  

Today, Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. has over 85 clients with written financial plans to go along with their Financial Roadmap (R).

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