Personal Loans and Credit Card Payoffs - What You Need To Know

With credit card interest rates ranging between 11 to 22%, it’s no wonder people are looking for alternative ways to handle and pay off their credit card debt. This is where a personal loan might come into play. Using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt can help you manage your overall debt once and for all… if you know how to navigate the pitfalls. Find out what you need to know to use this method to effectively manage your personal debt.

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What's the Value in Working with a Financial Planner?

I like most people when shopping for a service have one main question on my mind, “How much does it cost?”  The presentation can be great and the service provider may be telling me everything I want to hear, but the bottom line is “How much does it cost?” Naturally being a service provider, I’ve been on both sides of the situation, and I certainly understand each side of this coin.  What I’ve come to realize, it’s not about the cost I’m paying, but the value I’m receiving for the service.  I will certainly pay more for a service, if the value I’m receiving for the service exceeds the cost. 

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