A Quick Guide to Planned Giving

Almost any large nonprofit organization has a planned giving department that will guide you through the maze of giving options available. While planned giving can be very beneficial – and profitable for organizations, it’s also an effective way for you to realize significant tax benefits, have income provided, and be assured that the organization or charity that you’ve supported for years will continue to be provided for in the future.

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Welcome to the digital age where paper is disappearing and all our information is being stored electronically somewhere in a "cloud".  In the past estate planning for most people boiled down to having a will and maybe a guardian for children who were still minors.  You can easily store this information in a lock box in your house or a safe deposit box at a bank, but times are a changing.  I suggest you read this article at https://fintechfreedom.com/estateplanning/ to get a real basic

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Will It to be So: Things to Consider for a Strong Will

Answer this riddle: what’s the one thing that will eventually happen to everyone, but generally, no one wants to discuss? Death is a subject that immediately conjures up all sorts of emotions because, let’s be honest, the absence of being IS emotional. But, death is also cause for practicality. It’s a cause for stating clearly what to do about money and property so there is no dispute or cause for fights between family members claiming rightful ownership. (We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where that happens and it never ends well.)

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