The "WOW" Factor

David Stone |

Two weeks ago I was in Florida visiting clients and family.  I started doing this last year, and it was a complete success, thus I decided to make it an annual trip.  The clients appreciate me taking the time out of my busy schedule to visit them, and naturally I enjoy spending time with my family.  But the thing that stood out most about the trip was when I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for 2 nights.  They truly treated Wendy and I like royalty.  The reason I mention this is because of the “WOW” impression it left with us.  I can’t say I’m close with my Aunt and Uncle, but I like them and enjoy spending time with them whenever I see them at sporadic family functions.  But the way they made us feel in their home is how I want people to feel after they interact with any of us at Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. which is the subject of this blog.

The first question I have to ask myself is “Does everyone who interacts with Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. have this “WOW” feeling after they interact with us?”  This then leads to the next question “If people don’t have this feeling, why not?” The last but not least question would be “What do we need to do as a company to leave everyone this “WOW” feeling?”  I’m not foolish enough to believe we can leave everyone with this “WOW” feeling, but one of my favorite quotes for our company is to “strive for perfection and settle for excellence”.  As a result, a new continuous goal I’m setting for our company is to provide a “WOW” experience for anyone who interacts with Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.

I have to admit this is one of the scariest and most challenging goals I’ve ever set for myself and Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.  The more I reflect on it, the scarier it gets since I’ve come to the realization it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy let alone give them a WOW experience.  However as a former mentor of mine used to say “No worthwhile goal is easy”.  This is going to be a long process creating a WOW experience as I have to discuss it with the staff, determine the proper course of action, and then implement it.  In the end, this could be a very fulfilling experience that could have an amazing impact on our clients and overall business.

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