The Passing of a Friend

David Stone |

The Passing of a Friend

  This past Friday a very good friend of Personal Financial Advisors, Inc. passed away suddenly.  Actually he was more than a friend, but a part of our family.  Hugh MacKinnon our IT guru for the past 5 years lost his battle to the health issues which were plaguing him for the last few years.  In his role with our company he was our friend, but more importantly he was our family since he was engaged to our long time employee, Laura.  They were engaged for the past 18 months, but were waiting for the right time to get married.  

  I guess in a way this will be some sort of obituary, but I want to honor the man who has meant so much to all of us here at Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.  Hugh has always been there for us whenever we had some type of technology issue, and he always did it with a smile on his face.  Whenever I would call him with an issue and I asked him how he was doing his reply was always "Not bad for a _____".  Hugh really took care of us, and in a way was our technology guardian angel.

  The most endearing quality I found in Hugh was his sense of humor, which not coincidently is very similar to mine.  In fact it was not uncommon for Laura to comment to me Hugh would have made that same joke when I was being funny (notice how I didn't say "try" to be funny).  It got so bad sometimes it would stop Laura in her tracks.  To give you an idea about his sense of humor, he took credit for the Ohio State football teams' success over the last few years under Urban Meyer.  He went to high school with Urban Meyer and they played football together.  One day Urban didn't have a ride home from football practice, so Hugh drove him home.  Hugh stated if he didn't drive Urban home, Urban would still be waiting at the high school for a ride home, and thus wouldn't be the coach of the Buckeyes!  Another quick example of his sense of humor is he's a Cleveland Browns fan (a Steelers fan just can't pass on that joke, in fact Hugh would be supportive of it).

  Hugh and Laura loved each other very much.  They each felt very lucky to have found each other.  Even though their time together wasn't very long, the love and fulfillment they shared together was enough for a lifetime.  We will miss you my friend, and rest in peace.  May your memory always be for a blessing. 

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