The New Client Experience

David Stone |

In April I went to San Diego to participate in one of the best conferences I’ve attended in a long time.  Just about every session was informative and thought provoking in ways to improve my business and serve our clients even better.  As a result, I’m in the process of developing a plan which I believe will be transformative for my clients and take our business to the next level.

These changes will be centered on providing an individual experience for each client whenever they interact with us.  I always thought we had a client centered practice, but much to my chagrin, not as much as I believed.  My thought process was correct, but I just discovered my methodology was not.  You see we always focused on providing our clients with a certain experience when dealing with us.  However, the problem is each client wants and needs their own personalized experience, tailored specifically to them.  Instead of providing our clients with their own experience, we were providing them what we thought they would want.  This was the impetus for us making changes.

We start this new client centered experience by having each client complete a short 15 question survey to get an idea of what the clients like and don’t like about what we are providing them.  This will be a global view the clients will provide us in order to understand on a larger scale what changes we may need to make.  The next step in the process is to meet individually with the clients during a regularly scheduled progress meeting to discuss specifically the experience they want to have with us and how we can serve them better.  The last step of the process will be creating a plan to implement these new client experiences for each client and making technology adjustments to accommodate them.  The goal over the next 18 months is to have a plan and implement the changes to serve our clients better and enable them to have the experience they want to have with us. 

These changes won’t only affect our current clients, but our newest clients as well.  We will need to immediately find out from our newest clients their expectations and how they want us to serve them.  We have a lot of work ahead of ourselves, not only creating these new client experiences but tweaking them along the way as well.  I look forward to this new challenge and more importantly the positive impact it will have on our relationship with our clients.

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